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1,200 Ltr

(264 Gallons)

Diameter 1100mm

Apex/Inlet 1400mm


2,500 Ltr Squat

(550 Gallons)

Diameter 1640mm

Apex/Inlet 1450mm


5,000 Ltr Squat

(1,100 Gallons)

Diameter 2100mm

Apex 1830mm

Inlet 1625mm

2,500 Ltr

(550 Gallons)

Slimline - Height 1850mm

Length  2400mm

Width  700mm

5,000 Ltr

(1,100 Gallons)

Slimline - Height 2200mm

Length 2995mm

Width  1000mm

2,000 Ltr

(440 Gallons)


Diameter 1320mm

Apex/Inlet 1840mm


2,500 Ltr

(550 Gallons)

Diameter 1350mm

Apex 1980mm

Inlet 1960mm

3,000 Ltr

(660 Gallons)

Diameter 1500mm

Apex/Inlet 1850mm


5,000 Ltr

(1,100 Gallons)


Diameter 1830mm

Apex 2200mm

Inlet 2080mm

10,000 Ltr

(2,200 Gallons)

Diameter 2500mm

Apex 2175mm

Inlet 2090mm

22,730 Ltr

(5,000 Gallons)

Diameter 3720mm

Apex 2300mm

Inlet 2160mm

3,000 Ltr

660 Gallons)

Slimline - Height 2170mm

Length  2570mm

Width  790mm

4,000 Ltr

(880 Gallons)

Slimline - Height 2250mm

Length 2750mm

Width  810mm

               1000 Ltr

            (260 gallons)


Height 2000mm

Width 900mm

2000 Ltr Squat

(440 Gallons)

IMG_0868 (2).PNG

Height 1250mm

Width 1524mm

Matrix-colour-chart-page-001-724x1024 (2

All measurements are approximate due to variable shrinkage during manufacture.  Due to pigment variations with raw material manufacturers, colour shades may vary also.

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