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Water Tanks Jerilderie

Welcome to our Website.  There is a lot of useful information here to help you get started in you are purchasing a rain water tank in Jerilderie.  If you already know what you want with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing polyethylene water tanks and products we are here to help.


Water tanks make a lot of sense.  Used for generations of families for their own storage needs and plays a big part in reducing the massive demand on dams.

They also greatly reduce load on your Council’s stormwater infrastructure .  We continue to see a dramatic increase in quantities of prescribed stormwater retention tanks for stormwater control as specified in council regulations and in Jerilderie


Our products make a real difference reducing impact on our scarce and natural resources.  We are proud to make our water management vessels for domestic and business applications.

The Victorian Department of health advises that rainwater tanks take priority over other sources of water in areas where mains water is not available in Jerilderie  


This list includes surface water, deep groundwater (confined aquifers), shallow groundwater and carted water.  More specifically  bore water, dams, transported water, rivers and creeks.


In urban areas and where mains water is available, the Victorian Authority recognizes the important role rain water plays in high volume non-drinking water applications including gardening, car washing, toilets and laundry, which inturn reduces the immediate demand on our mains water supply in Jerilderie.


Where rainwater is to be used for drinking purposes, the Department of Health gives appropriate guidelines to check that your catchment area collects clean water and that your installation is sound.  Properly installed systems are easy to maintain and will supply you with the highest quality rainwater.


The most popular type of water tank on the Australian market today are poly water tanks made from durable, UV-protected, food-grade polyethylene (a very lightweight, strong and safe plastic material).


Rainwater tanks are fabricated from a range of materials.  Some common tank materials include plastics, galvanized steel, concrete, stainless steel, fiberglass or a combination.


Some of these are best suited for above ground use, while others perform well underground.  Some are safe for drinking, others are better for grey water use.


Consider that many other tank materials require an inner lining that is often made from polyethylene.  This can make cleaning and maintaining your water tank more difficult, especially if the lining breaks and needs to be replaced.


So just going with rainwater tank fully made of a poly compound seems like the best solution as a manufacturer and for a person needing a rainwater storage solution.


Riverina Poly choose to specialize in manufacturing high-quality poly tanks for 10 major reasons.

1. Choice of colours, types, shapes and sizes to match your requirements;

2. Can be manufactured for above ground  use;

3. Are more cost-effective than other materials;

4. Are strong, light-weight, easy to transport and install;

5. The don’t corrode or rust, leak lead, lime or harmful chemicals;

6. Prevent algae growth since they don’t let light in;

7. Are much easier to maintain and clean

8. No centre poles; roof will remain in shape

9. No side seams for a better seal

10. Low profile for better domestic use

11. 10 year warranty for peace of mind

12. Excellent customer service from start to finish


All our tanks comply with Australian standards for drinking water and food contact.  They are designed and manufactured in our factory to comply with AS4766 quality standard.


We are passionate supporters of local industry. We like exactly what we do and we like to see local workers succeed. We believe that Australian made products are always better value in the long run. We get our raw materials, components and equipment from local sources.


When you purchase an item to do a vital task, you want to know your investment is a good one. Purchasing a rainwater tank can be difficult considered that the wide range of water tanks and brand names on the Australian Market. We just hope that you add Riverina Poly to your prospect list.


If you have any interest in a Rainwater Tank or after suggestions, kindly give us a call on 02 6033 4494 to talk to among our friendly consultants.


Our tanks are offered from major plumbing, irrigation and hardware stores. Please ask for a Riverina Poly Tank by name. Your regional irrigation specialist will provide the very best recommendations, useful accessories and installation service for your complete rainwater harvesting system.

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